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  • UNPARALLELED CUSTOMER SERVICE for your credit card processing needs. You get PEOPLE not PROMPTS.
  • GREAT SAVINGS over your prior processor. Based on thousands of comparisons, our merchants are saving an average of 22% or $1,480 annually over their prior processor. If your total fees divided by dollars processed is greater than 2%, you may be paying too much. Make sure you send us a statement for an analysis.
  • ONE STATEMENT, ONE DEPOSIT.  Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and AMEX all deposit together, making reconciliation easier.
    • Funds will be directly deposited into your current checking account. If your batch is closed by 5 PM (Central), you will receive the funds the NEXT DAY!
  • CONSISTENTLY LOW RATES. We’ve had only 2 rate increases in 7+ years on our tiered rate program.  After the Durbin Amendment took effect in 10/1/11, our debit card rates are as low as 0.40% and $0.32 per transaction.
  • NO HIDDEN FEES. A simple 5-page contract – there are no hidden costs, monthly minimums or exorbitant close fees.
  • NO SET UP FEES. No fees for new accounts or terminal set-up. We will train your staff on all aspects of credit card processing and fraud control via telephone at no charge.
  • USE YOUR EXISTING EQUIPMENT. Use your existing equipment, or update to EMV chip card & contactless terminals for very low cost. We will not sell you anything you don’t need or lease equipment when you can purchase for $159+.
  • ONLINE SYSTEMS: For a low monthly gateway fee, you can integrate our user-friendly online system.
    • Web payments: If you have a website, we can set you up to accept online payments.
    • Mobile applications:  Accept payments on your iPhone, Android phone, and/or iPad.
    • Recurring payments: If you have recurring billings, you can enter the data once and have future transactions post automatically.

Best Card is endorsed by 20+ medical and dental associations:

Arkansas State Dental Association, American Equilibration Society, American Prosthodontics Society, Arizona Dental Association Perks Program, Colorado Academy of Family Physicians, Colorado Chiropractic Association, Colorado Dental Association, Illinois State Dental Society, Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Medical Studies, Louisiana Dental Association via Louisiana Dental Services, Maine Dental Association, Minnesota Dental Association, Montana Dental Association, Nevada Dental Association, New York State Dental Association, Ohio Dental Association Services Corporation, Oregon Dental Association, Pacific Coast Society for Prosthodontics, Texas Dental Association Perks Partner Program, Washington State Dental Association and the Wyoming State Dental Association.

We look forward to working with you!
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