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Best Card Team | about us
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about us

Best Card Team originally started in 2004 as an in-house program created by the Colorado Dental Association to offer their members credit card processing services with a level of savings, support and integrity that they believed was often lacking in the industry. Co-founders Jennifer Nieto and Rose McKee were CDA employees and in 2008, to be able to more effectively serve the needs of their growing members, decided to create the Best Card Team.


As a company, we are endorsed by 25+ professional associations and work closely with thousands of merchants around the country. While we are primarily in the dental/medical/chiropractic fields, we provide unique credit card processing options tailored for any type of business nationwide. Our team has substantial experience with half of our staff having worked with Best Card for more than 4 years. We take great pride in our level of customer service, so for any question please reach out to us between 7 am and 6 pm MST these are the people you might talk to!

Best Card LLC is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA.

Meet Our Team

Jennifer is the co-founder of Best Card Team and our fearless leader. In the past she was a CPA, an FDIC Bank Examiner, and the Finance Director for the Colorado Dental Association before trading it all in for the big desk with a sign that says “Margaritas: Not Just for Breakfast Anymore.” Jennifer loves playing tennis and golf and is known in the office as a fierce competitor… so don’t cut her off on the highway.

Jennifer Nieto

President, RJ Card Processing Inc. DBA Best Card

Rhonda has been part of the Best Card team since it was founded in 2008 and enjoys helping offices as well as working closely with dental associations to help with training and reconciliation as they transition to the new American Dental Association database. Rhonda enjoys spending time with her husband and 4 grown children, as well as playing tennis with Jennifer and hoping to beat her at golf as often as possible. Rhonda’s competitive drive makes her a feared opponent in the office fantasy football league where her team name may or may not be The Tonya Hardings.

Rhonda Patston

Secretary, RJ Card Processing Inc. DBA Best Card

An original “Best Card Chick” Marguerite also joined the Best Card Team in 2008. Marguerite loves working closely with our doctors and helping front office staff solve almost any issue that can come up. In her hypothetical free-time she would enjoy golfing, tennis, reading, spending weekends up in the mountains and traveling. Born and raised in Colorado, she and her Aussie husband have raised 3 amazing kids/disappointing delinquents depending on the day.

Marguerite McVey

Customer Service Manager

Phil has worked for Best Card since 2014 and helps businesses that are interested in learning more about Best Card’s services, as well as working closely with our many endorsed associations. He’s known for bringing a fun, easy-going attitude into the office (and more importantly, for bringing his fun, easy-going dog Auri). In his spare-time he enjoys eating as much as possible, reading, playing piano and hiking/backpacking all over Colorado.

Phil Nieto

Sales Team

Rachel joined Best Card in 2015 and in that time she’s enjoyed providing advice and solutions to offices looking for guidance through the processing industry. As the daughter of a dentist, Rachel practically grew up in a dental office and loves working with practices to help them save money! In her spare time, Rachel likes to watch action films, drink good tea and take care of her budding garden. She often mans the booth at trade shows – be sure to stop by to say hello and get some “prescription” M&Ms, though you will have to look for her very near ground level.

Rachel Young

Sales Team
BW_Portrait_Nieto (1)

Jeanne joined Best Card in 2016 after working many years for the Colorado Dental Association as their Director of Membership. She’s excited about the ability to maintain great relationships with the dentists she knows so well while exploring all of the new opportunities at Best Card! Jeanne loves golfing, traveling and hanging out at her cabin reading, hiking and boating.

Jeanne Nicoulin

Sales Team

Carried joined Best Card in 2008 when she was lured into Jennifer’s basement as “part-time help” for the promise of extra Christmas money. But, resistance is futile and she’s been with us ever since. While Carrie will occasionally help offices with issues, she loves to be able to use her background in computer graphics to create marketing and advertising materials for Best Card. In her spare time Carrie travels as much as she can afford, loves playing golf (her handicap is “beer”) and plans every weekend around watching her beloved Broncos with her awesome husband and two grown sons.

Carrie McManus

Marketing Coordinator
BW_Portrait_Nieto-9 (1)

Alana joined Best Card in 2012 directly after graduating college. She not only helps with customer service but also utilizes her degrees in Graphic Design and Business to help with marketing for the company. She is often known around the office for her easy going attitude and her hilarious, often unplanned “blonde” moments. In her spare time, she enjoys painting and doing what gals born and raised in Colorado do; snowboarding, hiking, camping, running, etc.

Alana Sullivan

Customer Service & Graphic Design
BW_Portrait_Nieto-11 (1)

Judy has worked for Best Card since 2014. What started as part time contract help has turned into a full time position that she absolutely loves. In her spare time she volunteers at church as a Stephen Minister (a lay person trained to help those in crisis) and when not doing that she loves spending time with her husband and her 3 amazing kids, especially when it includes going to Broncos and Rockies games.

Judy Ryan

Customer Service & Marketing Assistant

Ashley joined the Best Card Team in 2013 and found her niche working on various PC-based processing applications. She helps offices with everything from installation to support, and more recently has been dabbling in new software development. Outside office hours she and her husband (and sometimes their dogs) enjoy hiking/camping, skiing, music and art. The dogs especially love art. She is an avid sports enthusiast, but still can’t hold a candle to Sean McFadden.

Ashley Garman

Technical Development Lead & PCI - QIR Certified

Edward has worked with Best Card since early 2015 and assists offices with Technical Support as well as PCI account management. In his downtime, he enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, concerts and spending time with his fiancée. He also recently started racing motorcycles competitively in a local racing club here in Colorado. His life is basically Point Break.

Edward Refvem

Technical Support & PCI

Sean has been with Best Card since 2015 and specializes in terminal and IT support. Sean was originally born and raised on the shores of Bonnie Scotland and has a terrific accent. Sean likes to work hard and play hard and can likely be found at Denver’s many excellent music venues, watching soccer or yelling himself into a noise ordinance violation for the Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos!

Sean McFadden

Technical Support & PCI - QIR Certified
ari and nibbler

These two unlikely best friends keep the office entertained and singlehandedly raise the office quota for naps to what we believe to be an acceptable level. Auri loves long walks in the wo-SQUIRREL!- and Nibbler enjoys asserting his dominance over a dog 4x his size. Whenever you call into the office, there’s a good chance they are hanging out nearby, keeping everyone in check.

Auri & Nibbler