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Equipment Options

There are many ways to accept payments. Click on any of the options below to go to the section of the page with a brief description and a list of available options. If you wish to purchase something, contact us at (877) 739-3952.

Internet Gateways & Computer POS Solutions
Upcoming EMV & Contactless Equipment Changes


The credit card industry is forever changing with the ultimate goal to make accepting credit cards as secure as possible. Best Card is offering their merchants EMV chip and Contactless (ie-Apple Pay, etc.) Pax terminal for as low as $249/$259 with EMV Pin which we recommend, less $100 to Best Card Merchants. If you do not have EMV-capable equipment by October 2015, your present equipment may still work, but there will be a liability shift that may leave you, the merchant, liable for fraudulent transactions. Call us at 877-739-3952 or if ordering online, we will deduct the $100 after verifying your merchant status.

Best Card doesn’t lease equipment, since this almost always leads to overpaying for terminals. We often see merchants locked into $50/month leases for as long as 5 years. They are paying $3,000 or more for a credit card terminal! Best Card sells terminals at near cost with a 1 or 2 year warranty!

Best Card offers many terminals for credit card processing. Some terminals are multi-merchant, which allows up to nine companies to utilize one terminal. Terminals listed as Dual Comm have the capability to process via phone line or Ethernet line. Pax terminals come with a two-year warranty, and all other terminals come with a one-year warranty.

PAX S80 Dual Comm*
PAX S80Pricing: $259 new
Height: 8.5 in.
Width: 3.74 in.
Depth: 3.39 in.

PAX S90 Wireless*
PAX S90Pricing: $475 new
Height: 7.8 in.
Width: 3.4 in.
Depth: 2.4 in.

*Multimerchant and Contactless capable terminal
*Contactless/EMV available now (no pinpad required)
*Wireless terminal, works via Verizon or AT&T
*$17 monthly wireless fee will apply
*EMV scheduled for April, 2016
VeriFone VX 520*
VeriFone VX 520Pricing: $360 $295 new (limited time special)
Height: 8 in.
Width: 3.4 in.
Depth: 3 in.

FD-130 Dual Comm*
FD-130Pricing: $399 new

*Multimerchant-capable terminal
*Contactless/EMV available now (no pinpad required)
*Contactless capable terminal
*EMV expected October 2015 (no pinpad required)
FD-130 Duo Dual Comm*
FD-130 DuoPricing: $389 new

FD-200 Ti Dual Comm*
Note: Only needed for Telecheck check guarantee processing.
FD-200 TiPricing: $550 new

*Contactless capable (needs FD-35 pinpad)
*EMV expected October 2015 (needs FD-35 pinpad)
*Contactless/EMV (needs FD-35 pinpad)

Internet Gateways & Computer POS Solutions

We have several internet gateways to choose from depending on your needs. All featured options are PCI compliant. Call us to learn more.


Pricing: $10 monthly gateway fee
$20 setup fee for each JPOS (desktop point of sale software) purchased (optional)

eProcessingNetwork offers a user-friendly interface as well as several optional features including point-of-sale software, mobile processing software, and recurring billing options. They also have options for setting up internet gateways that range from incredibly simple to complex, accommodating the needs of many different kinds of merchant accounts. They also offer emulation, so most shopping carts and systems that accept can be easily adapted to eProcessingNetwork.

If you wish to accept recurring billings, this is a great product, but you’ll need to have your patients sign a form authorizing recurring billings. An example form can be seen here.

Pricing: $15 monthly gateway fee
$79 setup fee

Features: is regarded as the industry standard for online processing. Many shopping carts already have the coding in place to deal with accounts, and there are options for recurring billings. If you have an existing account and wish to switch to Best Card for savings on processing, converting your account to our program is very easy.

First Data Global Gateway Virtual Terminal

Pricing: $15 monthly gateway fee
$79 setup fee

First Data Global Gateway Virtual Terminal is First Data’s solution to online processing. Support is offered for recurring payments, and a simple virtual terminal is available for use.


These devices can’t process transactions on their own, but when combined with other devices, they can offer increased functionality.

Pinpads allow you to process EMV/contactless cards on compatible terminals, as well as pinpad debit transactions (if desired).

FD-35 pinpad
FD-35 pinpadPricing: $189

VX 805 pinpad
VX 805 pinpadPricing: $209

Computer peripherals can connect to a computer, allowing you to accept swiped transactions over the internet with some internet gateways. See what services we recommend here. The ones we sell are currently set up to utilize eProcessingNetwork’s JPOS system.
MagTek USB Reader
MagTek USB ReaderPricing: $65 new
Plugs in to a USB port, reads credit card magstrip data, and allows you to run swiped transactions through an online system.

* Not EMV capable
* EMV capable alternatives expected Q4 2015 or Q1 2016

Epson TM-T20II Direct Thermal Printer
Pricing: $175 new
Allows you to print receipts for transactions made via your computer on 2 ¼” or 3” thermal paper.

Dymo Labelwriter 450
Pricing: $99
Can be converted to allows you to print receipts for transactions made via your computer on 2 ¼” thermal receipt paper.

Mobile peripherals can allow for you to swipe transactions and/or print receipts when processing through your phone. These peripherals are set up for eProcessingNetwork as this is typically the cheapest and simplest options for merchants that wish to accept mobile transactions.
Woosim® PORTi-SC30™
Woosim PORTi-SC30Pricing: $335 new
Bluetooth portable thermal printer with magstripe reader. This can be used with several Blackberry phones and several Android phones. It doesn’t work with BlackBerry Storm models and some HTC Android phones.

MagTek® MagneSafe BT-90™ Secure Card Reader
MagTek MagneSafe BT-90Pricing: $140 new
Portable Bluetooth magstripe reader. For use with compatible Bluetooth-enabled phones.

UniMag Reader
UniMag ReaderPricing: $89 new.
Mobile magstripe reader. Compatible with eProcessing Network software on iPad, iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, & 4S, and most Android devices.

Upcoming EMV & Contactless Equipment Changes

While EMV technology is not a MANDATE (this means non-EMV terminals will still work after 10/1/2015) there is a liability shift that will occur whereby the merchant (you) could be liable for fraud charges if you are not using this technology after 10/1/15. We will soon be unable to re-download non-EMV equipment. The magtek swipers for our online systems will need replaced with a pin pad, although these will not be available for a few months. Please read this article or call us to learn more. EMV compliant terminals are labeled as such above, but software updates to implement EMV/contactless may not be available for some terminals. These may require a software re-download (takes approx. 5-10 minutes for most terminals) when these changes are implemented.

Due to PCI and EMV mandates, some terminals that we’ve previously supported will no longer be supported in the near future. After certain dates, they may be ineligible for re-downloading, and we will no longer be able to set up new merchants on them. For a terminal life cycle summary, check this document.