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Best Card Team | Remote Check Deposit & Warranty
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Remote Check Deposit & Warranty


Remote Check Deposit – We have several options for remote check deposit which allow you to accept checks using a check reader to deposit immediately into your account.

  • $.30 per check + $17 monthly gateway fee.

  • Free check scanners available with 2-year agreement.

Check Warranty – Check Warranty is a service where you obtain an authorization when accepting a check, and should that check later be returned due to insufficient funds, closed account, etc., you will receive payment in full for the check (the check warranty company will be responsible for collection). This service is especially popular with merchants who deal with one-time purchase customers (ex. endodontists, oral surgeons, etc.), and don’t have a recurring customer base.

  • 15% + $.25 per transaction

  • Depending on the processor, there is usually a monthly minimum and statement fee.